Bardus – Solus

bardus solus lp 2013

Recorded between March and April of 2013, BARDUS consists of three guys who live in Northeast Philadelphia. Solus is their first full-length recording, delivering over 27 minutes of hard and sludgy punk rock.

The band released Solus back in August 2013, and they’re currently gearing up for a small tour for it in February. Their tour will take them south to Atlanta, then they swing back up again to Pittsburgh and Columbus. They haven’t played any shows since November, so they’re probably about ready to hit the road again!

On their album, Solus comes with an array of abrasive guitars plagued by a constantly looming sense of doom. These guitars are thick with a dense, metallic scuzz, backed by muscular thuds of percussion and frontman Justin’s hair-raising screams. Songs offer an occasional time-signature change-up, morphing tracks into these dirgy, doom-driven assaults. An early example comes in opener “Tiny Teeth,” led by blown-out guitar fuzz and Justin’s ferocious screaming. It hits a wall, slowing down into this aggressive, anger-fueled simmer. “Blood Brain” unfolds with a healthy dose of guitar shredding, offering a disastrous doom-metal onslaught aimed for the bowels of hell. The track exposes us to dense and heavy guitar textures, coming off like a wall of sandpaper. Toward the end “Jobber” comes spearheaded by a wave of frantic guitars. Justin leads the charge with his bloodthirsty howling, guiding us through these fiery hellstorms with his pent-up roar.

See what Bardus is all about by checking these few songs below. If that’s not enough, head on over to their Bandcamp to check the rest of the album as well as their previous EP. Then sit tight as these guys get ready for their upcoming tour!

Genre/ Tags: Metal, Alternative, Hardcore, Doom
Solus: Tracklist:
1.) Tiny Teeth
2.) Death Letter
3.) Hex
4.) Maladroid
5.) Bloodbrain
6.) Dave Groan
7.) Jobber
8.) High Tide

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