Soft Serve – Sink Deep EP

soft serve sink deep ep 2013

SOFT SERVE sent this EP our way toward the end of 2013. They’re a trio operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia, playing their own form of jangly guitar rock. These songs were recorded with Jay Arner, who has recorded with Tough Age and a slew of other bands.

Sink Deep looks like their debut release of any kind, leaving us with three new tracks of their clean and sparkling guitar rock. It was one of seven of Arner’s recordings for the year, featuring an array of crystal-clear guitars while keeping out all of the extra digital effects. The result is this gorgeous-sounding EP, one that has us anticipating more from this developing Vancouver band.

“Words” opens up the EP with an immediate flourish of guitars, quickly exposing us to both jangly and melodic elements. Kyle Thiessen sings out from the jangle in his nasally, Malkmus-esque croon, acting as the guide through this sun drenched pop. There’s a bass drum thud and rumbling bass lines holding down the swift rhythm, sealing up a dazzling introduction. Self-titled track “Sink Deep” slows things down with a wonky bass line and glinting chords, this time bringing Pavement to mind. EP closer “The Hike” brings in a sort of folksy edge to their sound as Thiessen sings about mountain tops and the backwoods. It’s filled with loads of crisp and twangy guitars. There’s some plucked soloing weaved within, rounding out the track with an instrumental finale that only grows in size and volume. You can start by listening below, then sit tight until we hear more from Soft Serve.

Genre/ Tags: Alt-Country, Pop, Folk Rock, Post-Punk
Sink Deep EP: Tracklist:
1.) Words
2.) Sink Deep
3.) The Hike

DOWNLOAD the songs for FREE on Soundcloud
Soft Serve on Bandcamp

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