The Instigation – No Way Out 7″ EP

instigation no way out  7 ep 2014

Formed in Shanghai in the middle of 2010, THE INSTIGATION is a four piece punk band now based in Tokyo, Japan. Their four members are currently spread out as far as London and together they create demolishing hardcore punk.

The band just self-released their second 7″ EP No Way Out after wrapping up their recent tour through Japan. The EP is home to four snotty cuts of their aggressive hardcore punk, including a cover of “Degenerated” by Reagan Youth that confirms their 80s influences.

The EP opens with a blast in self-titled track “The Instigation,” led by tinny, metal-edged guitar shards and Simon Cochrane’s raspy screaming. It’s a heavy introduction as Cochrane’s crams his words around the angular guitar crunches, backed by a galloping drum beat that doesn’t give up. “No Way Out” is a blown-out mess, resulting in a wild finale with a screeching guitar solo and throbbing bass lines. It’s rowdy and rough around the edges, shoving these harsh guitars and snarling vocals right down our throats. “No Rules” opens with a cymbal-crashing pummel, berating our ears for an explosive 94 seconds. They barge through the sharp anthem with no remorse, leaving spiny guitars and concussive percussion in their wake. So if this nasty punk rock catches your ear, there’s plenty more to hear on their Bandcamp.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative
No Way Out 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) The Instigation
2.) No Way Out
3.) No Rules
4.) Degenerated (Reagan Youth cover)

The Instigation on Facebook
DOWNLOAD the digital 7″ EP on Bandcamp
E-mail the band about buying a physical 7″ >> theinstigation AT gmail DOT com

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