Nervous Talk – Introductions 7″

nervous talk introductions 7 mammoth cave recording co 2013

NERVOUS TALK is a 4-piece punk band from Vancouver featuring Joel Butler of Moby Dicks/Myelin Sheaths and members of Timecopz, the Ballantynes and Shitty Neighbors. Introductions is their new 7″ from the Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

Introductions looks to be the debut 7″ from the band, who we can hope will bring more music our way in 2014. Lately the band appears to be busy playing shows and hitting the recording studio, which you can see on their Facebook page. There’s also another single you can download on their Bandcamp right now titled “Nothing to Say,” which goes to show these guys are up to no good.

Self-titled track “Introductions” opens with roaring chords and a fiery lead guitar, paired with a solid rhythm section for a rollicking beginning. Butler leads the way with his echoed croon through crashing drums and electrified guitars, sealing up a neat and tidy pop-punk nugget. “Shut It Off” opens with spiny guitars, hitting like waves of tiny daggers along with the crash of the cymbal. It’s speedy and urgent, but they hold it together nicely, no sweat. “Hit the Town” comes with a pummeling drum beat and shredded guitar hooks, led by Butler’s snotty call-and-response chanting about a night on the town. There’s a wall of squealing guitars in the middle of the track, slipped in for a good bit of melodic noise. Together these three songs make up a solid introduction from Nervous Talk, which hopefully leads to a fruitful future. Go snag that bad boy from the Mammoth Cave before it’s too late!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Punk, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock
Introductions 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Introductions
2.) Shut It Off
3.) Hit the Town

BUY the 7″ from Mammoth Cave Records – won’t be around forever !
Nervous Talk on Facebook

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