Friday’s Find: Party Bat – Real Drugs

party bat real drugs lp tic tac totally 2013

The always-excellent Tic Tac Totally Records in Chicago brings us the second long-player from party-ready snot-punks PARTY BAT. Together these guys nail that timeless back-from-the-grave garage sound, capitalizing on all the points that made their earlier singles so memorable. These songs are led by a thin, sludgy guitar buzz and lead Bat’s rowdy croon, offering endlessly gruesome lyrical variations about drugs, zombies, eating brains and Budweiser and blood.

Friday posts now coincide with Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find on eMusic’s 17 Dots Blog. Head on over to 17 Dots right now to read more and listen to today’s post on PARTY BAT: Friday’s Find #41

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Garage Rock
Real Drugs LP: Tracklist:
1.) Halloweiner
2.) Oh Donna
3.) Bud and Blood
4.) Blue Bozo
5.) The Shit is Pure
6.) Do You Wanna Party With a Bat?
7.) Gravestoners
8.) Hondourian Baby
9.) Let’s Party You’re Dead

BUY the LP from the Party Bat store – limited split color vinyl still available !
Party Bat on Facebook

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