Blank Range – Scrapin’ 7″

blank range scrapin' 7 sturdy girls records 2013

After dropping their Phase II cassette earlier this year, Nashville band BLANK RANGE is back with their first vinyl experience. Scrapin’ comes courtesy of the Sturdy Girls Records label, delivering two new tracks of freewheeling folk rock.

Honing in on the sound from their excellent debut earlier this year, Blank Range appear to be set to give us another dose of their captivating rock and roll. These songs are filled with a wave of colorful organ washes, detailing songs to the point where they sound both hazy and lysergic. The word ‘technicolor’ comes to mind as they also weave a certain bluesy element into their new single.

A-side track “Scrapin'” comes with an uplifting charge, led by twangy guitar squeals and a fluttering layer of organs. The guitars sound wrinkled and wiry, almost as if they’re coiled up tight and ready to unfurl. It’s an equally rowdy and inviting introduction, leaning toward a bluesy, country-esque flavor. B-side “Before I Go To Sleep” drags along with a dreary edge, like a rainy day with some sun speckles creaking through the fog. The guitars sound rugged and rustic with a wonky bass underneath, supplying the track with a western-tinged crunch as they’re stranded in the haze of the desert. It’s the total opposite from the rollicking A-side, offering both sides of the Blank Range coin in this solid debut single. Listen below and see what you think!

Genre/ Tags: Folk Rock, Alt-Country, Blues Rock
Scrapin’ 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Scrapin’
2.) Before I Go To Sleep

BUY the 7″ on Bandcamp – nice paper w/ special vellum wrap !
Blank Range on Facebook

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