The Tone – Demo EP

the tone demo 7 ep 2013

After the disbanding of Philadelphia’s friendly basement rockers The Eeries, guitarist Mike Kriebel packed up and headed for Los Angeles. He wrote and recorded these songs as THE TONE before moving, which will soon be a 7″ as well as a cassette tape.

Piss Drink Records in Philadelphia has the pleasure of releasing these songs on 7″ wax, while Eye Vybe Records in Chicago will be releasing it on cassette tape. As of right now neither are available yet, but the cassette should be around any day and the 7″ is expected in mid-December.

What Kriebel left for us before his move is this gem of an EP, penning five original tracks that not only pay homage to his previous band, but also looks to progress that sound. Opening track “Long, Long Time” stays true to the charming innocence of the basement pop ditties the Eeries were pros at, built with delicate vocals and sugary sweet guitar hooks underneath a slightly tinny crunch. “Don’t Wanna Go” is a breezy pop anthem flowing at a mid-tempo pace, led by a gritty guitar twang that falls perfectly between clean and dirty. “Boss” changes up the vibe for a deep-cutting blues dirge, churning along with bold blasts of heavy guitar heat. “Not Long Now Soon” keeps the staggered blues vibes flowing, beginning as a delicate track that grows in size and volume as it unfolds. Now listen to these few tracks below for your own taste of Kriebel’s wholesome garage goodness, then sit tight for the official release of the EP!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi
Demo EP: Tracklist:
1.) Long, Long Time
2.) I’ve Got Your Troubles (You’ve Got Mine)
3.) Don’t Wanna Go
4.) Boss
5.) Not Long Now Soon

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