Bully Mammoth – EP Two

bully mammoth ep two 2013

BULLY MAMMOTH is a self-described “three piece rock band out of Portland, Maine.” They just self-released their second EP, simply titled EP Two at the tail end of 2013. As for their future, we’ll have to wait and see what comes next.

“We’ve gotten some comparisons to everything from The Men to Grinderman to Yo La Tengo. Which is to say, we’re mostly a noise-y rock band.” Their EP we have here today goes a long way to confirm that, delivering 4 tracks for over 15-minutes of experimental post-punk. The EP comes spearheaded by the monstrous onslaught in “2×4.” It’s led by a menacing guitar wave that’s stuck on the same note for 2 minutes, ravaged by rollicking percussion underneath the streamlined fury. Things get even more evil as the track breaks down in the final minute, sending us through a hazardous transition of pummeling drums and angry bass throbs. But their attack isn’t always this aggressive, full-fronted snarl. Take the slow-dripping dirge in “WNBA Jam” as proof. The track is led by strung-out (almost harp-like) guitar glimmers and chunky bass throbs, guided by vocals that are both creeping and raspy. It’s the total opposite to the blood-boiling opener on this EP, but you won’t know until you try! Listen below for a full-on dosage of guitar fury in “2×4.”

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Experimental, Alternative
EP Two: Tracklist:
1.) 2×4
2.) WNBA Jam
3.) Downsize
4.) I Hate My Car, I Hate My Brain

Bully Mammoth on Facebook
Bully Mammoth on Bandcamp

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