Ketamines – So Hot! 7″

ketamines so hot! 7 hosehead records 2013

Hosehead Records in Toronto just released the third 7″ in a set of four from the KETAMINES. So Hot! continues their tear of twisted bubblegum pop and leaves it up to Mint Records to complete the artwork of the 4-piece 7″ set.

At this point there’s only a few other bands we’ve covered who have released this many records this year. And to be completely honest we couldn’t be any luckier. James Leroy and Paul K. Lawton are at it again in three new tracks, revealing the third installment of their 7″ series that culminates with the final 7″ on Mint Records. By now the first three singles practically make up a new album’s worth of material and they’re still not done. “So Hot!” starts this party off with a creepy howl and a gritty bass line, followed by warbled guitar washes and James Leroy’s innocently chanted croon. It’s a surprisingly haunting track despite it’s playful attitude. The track closes out with a hypnotic bass line, decorated with Leroy’s high-pitched howling and the timely clank of the cowbell. As if you needed any more proof, this is about as Ketaminesian as these tracks could be. Hear for yourself and see what you think right below – quirky B-sides “New Skull Tattoo” and “Summer Mothers” keep the fun flowing strong. Now get spinning – the first 110 copies from Hosehead Records come on red vinyl, go snag it!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Glam
So Hot! 7″: Tracklist:
1.) So Hot!
2.) New Skull Tattoo
3.) Summer Mothers

BUY the 7″ directly from Hosehead Records – RED vinyl limited to 110 !
The Ketamines – Official Website

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