The Squids – Wizard of Loneliness EP

squids wizard of lonliness ep 2013

Formerly known as Heroes & Heroines, THE SQUIDS just released a new 5-song EP that was tracked and mixed 100% analog. On Wizard of Loneliness they pick up right where they left off from their debut 7″ titled Two Weeks, continuing their run of glimmering garage pop.

Since it’s been a little while we’ll go ahead and refresh your memory, but the Squids hail from Highland Park, California. As far as we know they’ve been quiet for most of 2013 until they released this EP in September, beginning their era as the Squids. Even though it may be a new phase for the band, their music is still as charming and innocent as before. They craft these sweet and sugary garage pop nuggets with clean guitars and fluttering organs and deliver them as honestly as possible to the point where your heart melts. “Blondie” is the perfect example of their sun-drenched pop, boasting bubbly hand-claps, shimmering guitars and a tight rhythm section. The song changes gears about halfway through, setting us up with an invigorating build-up of punchy bass lines, rolling drums and blissful howling. It ends up revealing a twangy guitar solo to close out the track, which should leave your mouth watering for more of this deliciously uplifting garage pop.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Glam
Wizard of Loneliness EP: Tracklist:
1.) Twiddler
2.) Blondie
3.) Drag
4.) You b/w Me
5.) Mighty Mouse

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