The Atom Age – EP

atom age ep 2013 asian man records

Asian Man Records has been churning out records from California for well over 15 years now. They just dropped this scorching EP from Oakland-based 5-piece band THE ATOM AGE, which includes a saxophone in the line up.

It was hard not to be interested in this EP after learning the band has a saxophone player. Considering Asian Man Records has released their fair share of ska records, this isn’t a total surprise. The real surprise was how they employ the unfamiliar element of a saxophone into gritty punk n’ roll music like this. Opening track “Too Much Fun” looks to flatten us right from the start, barging on through with a rumbling rhythm section, raspy vocals and broken guitar riffs. Listen closely and you can hear the skronk of the sax complementing the crunchy guitar blasts, driving us deeper and deeper into this ravaging, brass-tinged punk rock. “When You See Me Hurt” puts the saxophone right in the limelight, setting us up for a twist-worthy anthem that’s noisy, loud and most importantly, refreshing. The keep this invigorating swing going into the final minute, wrapping up the track with a dazzling finale of chanted vocals, roaring guitars and of course, that menacing saxophone. Listen below and hear for yourself.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative
EP: Tracklist:
1.) Too Much Fun
2.) Bad Boy Problems
3.) When You See Me Hurt
4.) Little Boy Little Girl

DOWNLOAD the EP for free on Bandcamp
The Atom Age on Facebook

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