Cool Runnings – Higher Learning

cool runnings higher learning ep 2013

COOL RUNNINGS is the newest bringer of scuzz from down under in Auckland City, New Zealand. This four piece band features members of the Raw Nerves, Diamonds and Dirt, Perfect Hair Forever and Heidi Pasadena. They recorded the EP in their guitarists bedroom in about two hours.

In the next couple of months the band plans to record a longer EP and spend a little extra time on it. Nice! As for these songs, they will probably end up on a split cassette tape, but we’ll see what happens! These tracks are far from polished, boasting jagged guitars buried in fuzz for a head-splitting sound, falling somewhere between punk and grunge. They’re plagued by breakneck speeds and stomping percussion, resulting in an EP that is just over four minutes long that’s downright nasty. “Blow Up Your Mind” unfolds easily with a warbled hook before we’re blitzed by an angry rush of guitar grit. They continue to shove this shredded fuzz down our throats, comprised of crumby and anthemic vocals, evidenced by the aggressive chanting in “Cool Death.” “Greened Out” closes out this party in just over a minute’s time, built with more careening vocal chants and noisy, blown-out guitar racket. Needless to say, we’re already waiting to hear more from these stoned New Zealand punks. Bring it on!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Grunge, Lo-Fi
Higher Learning: Tracklist:
1.) Blow Up Your Mind
2.) Cool Death
3.) Greened Out

DOWNLOAD their EP for free on Bandcamp
Cool Runnings on Facebook

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