Fire Exit – Time Wall 7″

fire exit time wall 7" last laugh almost ready records 2013

Last Laugh Records is a division of Almost Ready Records in Brooklyn, NY. They just reissued a 7″ originally from Killed By Death in 1978 by a punk band from Scotland called FIRE EXIT. The band is still active today and prides themselves as being Scotland’s longest running punk band.

The single “Time Wall” first appeared on Killed By Death compilations volume 6 and 7, as well as Bloodstains Across the UK volume 4 LP compilation. Considering these are the only few other places you can find this material, Last Laugh did us all a huge favor by giving the songs a new lease on life. Naturally this leaves us to question the B-side track “Talking About Myself,” which doesn’t appear to have been a part of any of the previously mentioned compilations. According to, the song was recorded in August 1979 at Waterloo Studios and was used as the B-side of their 7″ on their own Timebomb Explosions Records label. So with that being said the B-side track is only available on their initial 7″ and this reissue right here.

As for the songs themselves, they show off a band that was young and hungry when they were just getting started. “Time Wall” unfolds at breakneck speeds, boasting a relentless psych-punk snarl through just over two solid minutes of guitar-fueled rage. Blues-tinged soloing and warbled textures leave their mark, blazing a path with a generous dosage of invigorating guitar grit for an explosive introduction. Frontman Gerry Attrick howls away in his raspy and scowling tone, leading the way through a barrage of melodic, sharp-edged guitar squealing. B-side “Talking About Myself” comes stirred by a nasally bass line, supplying this track with a perpetual wobble that’s downright menacing. It keeps their relentless brand of psyched-up punk flowing, decorated by colorful waves of sweeping guitars and Attrick’s evil shouting.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Pop
Time Wall 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Time Wall
2.) Talking About Myself

BUY the 7″ directly from Last Laugh Records – hand-stamped labels !
Fire Exit on Reverbnation

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