Sick Thoughts – Blood Red 7″

sick thoughts blood red 7 goodbye boozy 2013

Up next in the latest Goodbye Boozy grip is this noise-crusted assault from teen rock sensation SICK THOUGHTS. Blood Red comes with three different cover arts on red, white and black, each limited to 66 for a total of 198 copies.

Sick Thoughts is self-described “teenage rawk and roll from Baltimore.” The duo of Drew Owen on guitar and Rob Doesntwantajob on percussion wrote and recorded these songs in the Spring of 2013 on a 4-track in Owen’s bedroom. If you like loud, jagged and in-yr-face punk rock that’s still raw and bloody, then you’re in luck. On top of this jagged little gem Sick Thoughts is releasing a second 7″ on Can’t Stand Ya Records, as well as an LP on Dead Beat Records. The Can’t Stand Ya 7″ is available now (we’ll get to that later) and we’re all still waiting for more details on the LP.

As for this single, it consists of two fuming tracks that together don’t even reach four minutes. It makes for a short listen, yes, but it’s an invigorating mess comprised of blown-out drumming and scuzzy, trashed-up guitars that has this party forever ablaze. Owen’s disgusted vocals are not as unintelligible as you’d expect as he snarls through the gritty roar of the guitar. “Blood Red” opens with his twisted lyrics – “I want girls, I want love/ Blood and murder when push comes to shove” – quickly helping us deem this some of the filthiest stuff Baltimore has to offer. Listen to the A-side track below courtesy of the Goodbye Boozy Soundcloud, then check our upload of the B-side “I’m Gonna Miss You.”

I’m Gonna Miss You –

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock
Blood Red 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Blood Red
2.) I’m Gonna Miss You

BUY the 7″ directly from Goodbye Boozy – send an e-mail and see what’s good >> goodbyeboozy[AT]tin[DOT]it
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