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hussy st cs 2013 welcome in the shit records

Welcome In the Shit Records of Teramo, Italy is back with another wave of cassette tapes. THE HUSSY have had a busy year and this cassette marks what looks like their fifth release of 2013.

Following up their excellent LP Pagan Hiss from earlier this year, the Hussy are back with a cassette tape featuring four previously unheard tracks. The first two were recorded in-studio, while the last two were recorded live at a Hussy show in Paris. There’s no extra details on exactly when and where these live songs were recorded, but you get the feeling they were somewhat recent because you can’t find the titles on any of their other releases. Live track “Easy Street” is a rollicking punk rock blazer, led by fiery guitar soloing and Heather Hussy’s bold, careening howl. It quickly paints a picture of a barbaric live performance from this Wisconsin duo as Bobby confirms “that’s brand new, nobody’s heard that shit right now” to close out the track.

As for the front side of the tape, “Stale Bread Jawns” sounds like the outlying track that just couldn’t fit on their LP Pagan Hiss. It’s a reminder of their bruising take on trashy punk rock, led by primitive drum pounding and Bobby Hussy’s menacing guitar squeals. Heather Hussy leads the way through “Look At Me Grit” as her voice seemingly echos off the walls of a tiled bathroom. Bobby Hussy harmonizes with his blistering guitar shreds, sending us through a dazzling finale of stringy melodic guitars and crashing percussion. So at this rate, you’d be a fool to think the Hussy are done for the year – their Facebook “About” page currently has them listing three new upcoming records…

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, Live
s/t Cassette: Tracklist:
1.) Stale Bread Jawns
2.) Look At Me Grit
3.) One Time (Live in Paris)
4.) Easy Street (Live in Paris)

BUY the cassette directly from Welcome In the Shit Records – send’em an e-mail > !
The Hussy on Facebook

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