This Heart Electric – Age of Aquarius

this heart electric age of aquarius 2013

Based down in Miami, THIS HEART ELECTRIC is the moniker of solo recording artist Ricardo Guerrero. Age of Aquarius is the name of his new album, released digitally by White Moon Recordings in Florida.

Thinking back to 2010 when we first encountered This Heart Electric, Guerrero has taken his project down a fresh new path. He himself describes it as a form of dark, surfy lo-fi pop, which is about as accurately as you could describe Age of Aquarius. “Pink Sun” wobbles with an airy synth, broadened by crunchy guitar chords, muddy bass lines and deep, echoed vocals. Guerrero’s fuzzy vocals bounce and rattle off the walls, only adding to the tracks constant wobble. It leaves you in a peculiar daze, blissfully floating along through the buzzing guitars. “Escape from L.A.” begins with warming beach vibes, followed by a nasally guitar strum that’s washed ashore by gentle waves. Guerrero croons with a longing in his voice, wielding just his delicate acoustic guitar. The memorable chorus comes interlaced with plucked guitar twangs and poppy handclaps, topped off by Guerrero’s full-throated howling. Closing track “Sommeren Med Monika” is totally instrumental, built with chiming guitars that glisten with a jewel-toned shimmer. It’s the blissfully perfect ending to this masterful bedroom pop, leaving us to say that Guerrero made a change for the best.

Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Pop
Age of Aquarius LP: Tracklist:
1.) Let’s Just Be Friends
2.) Pink Sun
3.) Escape from L.A.
4.) Lighthouse Blues
5.) No More Sunshine
6.) Sunrise Blvd.
7.) Permadolescence
8.) Sommeren Med Monika

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