Day Creeper – Raging Beast 7″ EP

day creeper raging beast ep 2013 self released

Columbus, OH trio DAY CREEPER self-released this 7″ EP titled Raging Beast a few months before their new LP Hell is Real on Tic Tac Totally. The EP is home to four jagged cuts of their slop-heavy garage rock.

In the past these guys have dropped another 7″ on Tic Tac Totally as well as a split 7″ with a band called Night of Pleasure, all of which can date back as far as 2008. The band has been operating for just about five years, touring occasionally and releasing a new record whenever possible. Hell is Real is their most recent, showing off their form of sloppy and melodic punk rock. These four songs are far from clean, quickly filling our ears with scuzzy guitar jangles and innocently blown-out boy-girl shouting.

EP highlight “Turning Into a Man” combines their noisy punk along with their fun-loving spirit, led by snarling bass throbs that drive the track with a concentrated growl. Melodic guitar shards stick out like a sore thumb through the noise-crusted rhythms, sounding both dirty and wiry as they lead the way to the tracks pummeling finale. EP closer “Zonin’ Out” brings in a solid dose of surf-inflected punk rock, unloading a memorable guitar hook on our ears that’s as crunchy as it is catchy. They keep the invigorating intensity going strong, resulting with brief but explosive guitar shredding that blows this track wide open. They slow it all down for a staggering dirge at the end, closing out the perfect anthem for whenever you’re flying down the highway. Blare this song with the widows wide open and everything should be a-okay. Hear it for yourself right below!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi
Raging Beast 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Everybody Elses
2.) Turning Into a Man
3.) Virgin Desolation
4.) Zonin’ Out

BUY the EP directly from the band on Bandcamp – send’em an e-mail !
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