Los Roys – Rolls Roys EP

los roys rolls roys ep 2013

A New York transplant now living in San Francisco, LOS ROYS is the moniker of an artist who is going to remain nameless until further notice. Most of these demos were recorded on a Tascam 424 cassette machine, but there’s some digital work mixed in as well.

In the beginning there was no intention of releasing the songs on Rolls Roys, but there was a change of heart as the artist began to put together a full band to start recording a proper LP. There’s no telling when any of this is actually going to happen, but for now we can at least anticipate something after hearing these songs. “Blushing” starts things off with glinting guitars for a sun-drenched waltz, breezing on through with a warming blend of lounge-worthy, tropicalia-inspired tones. “Hush” follows a similar path, adding breathy vocals and bluesy guitar squeals to a sound that becomes increasingly more experimental with each track. “Away You Go” brings in a heavy dose of crashing percussion, resulting in a punk-inflected sound with fiery guitar hooks and cooing vocals.

The vibe changes completely in “The Fruite Man,” unfolding slowly with a fat, sticky bass line. There’s a subtly menacing quality to it, kind of like that uneasy feeling you’d get trapped in quicksand – the track just keeps sinking and there’s no coming up for air. They manage to keep a similar vibe going in “Wetter Jelly Below” by adding a deliciously jazzy flare. It’s a moody and infectious groove to say the least, featuring an impenetrable bass line along with the dirty twang of the guitar. In the end, all you need to know is this EP is short but sweet for certain. Give it a shot by listening below – you can ‘Name Your Price’ for the EP on Bandcamp!

Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Alternative, Pop, Blues Rock
Rolls Roys EP: Tracklist:
1.) Blushing
2.) Hush
3.) Away You Go
4.) The Fruite Man
5.) Wetter Jelly Below

‘Name Yr Price’ for the EP on Bandcamp !

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