Psychic Baos – The Death of Bob Plant CS

psychic baos death of bob plant cs 2013 magnetic south

Part of a recent batch of cassette tapes from Magnetic South Recordings in southern Indiana is from twisted Tennessee garage rockers PSYCHIC BAOS. The Death of Bob Plant cassette has unfortunately sold out, but you can download the deranged pop for free on Bandcamp.

This is a seriously sick and twisted batch of garage pop mutations that somehow splits off equally into psychedelic, noise, folk and punk-inflected directions. That’s no joke, and they do it all seamlessly without even breaking a sweat – the end result is this gloriously demented piece of trash-art. With all that being said, it’s not a surprise this cassette is now long sold out.

“Como Estas” opens things with a fiery, guitar-driven crunch, quickly showing just how hot and humid this filth is. Primitive, tom-heavy drum thuds and Will Johnson’s careening squeals lead this menacing onslaught right into a chaotic wreck of crashing drums. “Whisper In My Hand” follows with splitting electric guitar fuzz woven in with the nasally acoustic guitar strums. It eventually all blows wide open with a pounding snare drum and more shocking guitar squeals, rounding out the track with a sloppy mess that totally hits the spot. No time is spared before the hypnotic “Stab A Casket In Your Mind.” It’s a druggy, drum-driven beat that will have you leaning, spinning and drooling as it simultaneously induces epilepsy. It’s all drenched in a frantically unsettling gust of sonic noise and tape effects that will drive anyone bonkers, muffling the cavernous, spoken-word rambling underneath.

“Straight to Jail” calls out the folksy elements with an acoustic guitar fronted by a belligerent and hazy sounding Will Johnson. It recalls something in the vein of Dan McGee and the Spider Bags, only with an extra tinge of discordant piano jangles and tambourine glimmers. In-between all this weirdness you’ll find “Wicked Bitch” and it’s reprise, both of which boast an irresistible surfed-up guitar hook that’s worthy of an extra four minutes. Hear this gnarly cassette below in its entirety if you really want the full effect.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Folk
The Death of Bob Plant CS: Tracklist:
1.) Bell of the Dismissed
2.) Como Estas
3.) Whisper In My Hand
4.) Stab A Casket In Your Mind
5.) Wicked Bitch
6.) Straight to Jail
7.) In the End I’m Alright
8.) Wycked Bytch

‘Name Yr Price’ for the CS on the Magnetic South Bandcamp – physical copies all sold out 😦
Psychic Baos on Facebook (?)

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