The Ar-Kaics – She Does Those Things To Me 7″

ar-kaics she does those things to me 7 speakertree records 2013

Today we’re introducing the debut 7″ from Richmond, VA’s THE AR-KAICS. The trio just dropped their 7″ She Does Those Things To Me on Speakertree Records in Charlottesville, delivering two catchy buzz-saw pop stompers.

Coming with an old-school style record label with no real artwork, the Ar-Kaics and Speakertree Records are keeping things as “60s” as possible. Both sides of this slab of wax come with a back-from-the-grave style of garage rock, boasting an infinity catchy edge crusted in just the right amount of psyched-out fuzz. “She Does Those Things To Me” is driven by a constant buzz, serving as the foundation under a wave of melodic guitar chords. The hook is tight, breezy and straight-up delicious, leading us straight into a rollicking finale that only gets heavier under the weight of the blaze. B-side track “Don’t Need Your Love” comes centered around a twangin’, blues-inflected solo. It’s brief, but it sets the tone for the moody, thud-driven anthem with all of it’s primitive glory. Hear this infectious A-side track right below, then go ahead and snag that wax from Speakertree Records!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Lo-Fi
She Does Those Things To Me 7″: Tracklist:
1.) She Does Those Things To Me
2.) Don’t Need Your Love

BUY the 7″ directly from Speakertree Records !
The Ar-Kaics on Facebook


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