Magnetix – Impaction 7″ EP

magnetix impaction ep 2013 kizmiaz records

Kizmiaz Records in Nantes, France just released the first 7″ in a set of four from scuzzy Bordeaux garage duo MAGNETIX. It’s to celebrate the band’s fifteen year anniversary, with other singles coming on Shit In Can, Born Bad and Castle Face Records.

Since we’re still on the first record, we might as well fill you in with the details. As the band celebrates 15 years of deranged garage rock, the labels you saw above are all proudly releasing a 7″ (each limited to 500) to honor the band. The Castle Face 7″ will be a part of the label’s 3rd Group Flex, while the rest will all be on their own traditional 7″ slab o’ wax. What do we have to say about all of that? Well, bring it on! The Impaction EP starts us on a squeamish note with some sci-fi tinged garage rock. Warbled electric guitars lead the way through weird, fibrous beams of paranoia, eventually sealing things up with a crushing finale. Toward the end of the 7″ “Sink or Swim” brings to mind the the Pillars of Chill weird and wobbly strand of sludge-covered rock. Listen below and see what you think!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Experimental, Lo-Fi
Impaction EP: Tracklist:
1.) Impaction
2.) Dario
3.) Sink or Swim

BUY the 7″ directly from Kizmiaz Records on Bandcamp !
Magnetix on Facebook

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