Lantern – Mr. Mars 7″

lantern mr mars 7 goodbye boozy 2013

Just before their debut LP on Sophomore Lounge in July, Philadelphia’s glamorous punks in LANTERN released a 7″ titled Mr. Mars on Goodbye Boozy Records in Italy. It’s limited to 240 pieces with three different cover arts by Jenna Robb.

Much like Rock ‘N’ Roll Rorschach, these two previously unheard tracks continue their strand of soulful punk and roll. Except this time around things are not as grungy or heavy, seeing the trio take a lighter and more playful approach on this 7″. “Mr. Mars” is a track written by Emily Robb, centered around David Fishkin’s skronking saxophone and the delightfully catchy chorus chant “Mr. Mars!” About halfway through it’s all blown wide open by Robb’s metallic guitar shredding, adding another cringe-worthy element after the sax. On the flipside “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music” is a track by Zachary Fairbrother. It’s a total tribute to a rock and roll lifestyle as he squeals “this ain’t a fad, this ain’t a show, I’ve done sold my soul.” It’s an admirable quote, one that leaves me thinking this is the kind of dude I want making my punk rock music. In the end it’s all summed up by a scorching guitar solo, putting the appropriate finishing touch on a song you must hear below.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Rock & Roll, Punk, Glam
Mr. Mars 7: Tracklist:
1.) Mr. Mars
2.) Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

BUY the 7″ directly from Norman Records – last chances, do it !
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