Pink Mexico – Pnik Mxeico

pink mexico Pnik Mxeico ep 2013

PINK MEXICO is the brainchild of Robert Preston Collum. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Collum relocated to Los Angeles in May where he started Pink Mexico from the ashes of his former band Anything But Animals.

This album has been picking up some momentum and it’s easy to hear why. These tracks are simple, colorful and infectious, boasting a bubbly pop edge that doesn’t let go. “Shrub Fuse” acts as the ultimate proof, coming along with jagged guitars and soaring vocals for a memorably fuzz-drenched sound. The rhythm is constant with steady drumming, burying us deeper into the fuzz with each punchy snare hit. Collum’s vocals glide through the mix, effortlessly cooing over the stream of grainy, electrified buzzing. “Paperclip Toothpick” opens with scratchy chords, followed by a string of creeping guitars that lead us into the splitting fuzz once again. It’s eventually blown wide open by cringing guitar squeals and flattening percussion, summing up this track with a hard, pummeling finale. Get your fill of this colorful fuzz by checking out these tracks below.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi
Pnik Mxeico: Tracklist:
1.) Seabird
2.) A Head Full of Slime
3.) Daisyface
4.) Shrub Fuse
5.) …
6.) Paperclip Toothpick
7.) Mold
8.) Hussy Woofer
9.) Not Alone

BUY the digital album from the Pink Mexico Bandcamp
Pink Mexico on Facebook

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