Thee Tsunamis – A Goodbad Man is Hard to Find CS

thee tsunamis a goodbad man is hard to find cs 2013 magnetic south

Bloomington babes THEE TSUNAMIS just dropped their new cassette A Goodbad Man is Hard to Find, packed with their own fearless brand of surf rock. Released by Magnetic South Recordings in southern Indiana, it’s the band’s debut release.

Magnetic South just dropped a handful of new cassette tapes from Bloomington-area bands and this is just one in a smoldering bunch. The trio stops at nothing with their scorching surf rock, comprised of concentrated and twangy hooks on top of relentlessly pounding beats. Lead Tsunami Betsy Sheperd howls in her squealing tone, sounding like the female version of the Strange Boys Ryan Sambol. Her bold voice drips with attitude, whether she’s singing about her love for the West Coast and Ray Davies, or her yearning for a goodbad man – whatever exactly that means. She’s at her finest in “The Jitters,” a track that’s plagued by rippling guitar textures and a scruffy, blues-crusted stomp. High-voltage guitar twangs call the shots in-between the staggered rhythms, decorated by tambourine hits and plenty of reverberating crunch. Hear it right below, right now!

Genre/ Tags: Surf Rock, Lo-Fi, Blues Rock
A Goodbad Man is Hard to Find CS: Tracklist:
1.) Seeing Red
2.) We’re Thee Tsunamis
3.) Way Out West
4.) Crazy Love
5.) Goner
6.) A Goodbad Man is Hard to Find
7.) The Jitters
8.) Pussycat
9.) Ray Davies

BUY the CS directly from Magnetic South !
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