The Jons – In the Hole and Out of the Water

jons in the hole and out of the water lp 2013 southpaw records

THE JONS hail from Baltimore, Maryland. They recorded their debut LP In the Hole and Out of the Water just for Southpaw Records, boasting a brand of Minutemen-influenced punk for one wild ride.

Except for a couple of 7″ singles, this album is their first true offering. Southpaw Records changed that by asking the band to record the album late last year. The end result is this 29 minute ruckus, comprised of 15 tracks that are lean, sloppy and just downright dirty. They do the damage with their exhilarating form of punk rock, presenting an array of tricks and antics to go along with their aggressive and moody swagger. The best part is it all paints a picture for one absolutely barbaric live performance, one that would bring the walls down in any public bathroom. In the end there’s really no easy way to describe what’s happening, so we’ll just call it the Jons!

Every one of these tracks is a monster of its own kind, pulling every last punch they can. The album starts with a riot in “Shake a Tail Feather,” quickly displaying scratchy and soulful guitars. It sets the tone immediately, pushing on through with a rhythm section of rumbling bass and swift percussion for a rollicking introduction. “Electronic Girls” unravels with a throbbing bass line, sending us through an angular onslaught with lethal guitar shreds and a remarkable sense of urgency. It’s all blown wide open by an acid-drenched solo, capping off one wild track that’s only a fraction of the madness. After hearing that, the simple fact that these guys manage to keep up with each other is a thing of beauty.

“I Hate Sports, I Hate Kids, I Hate You” is a purely disgusted anthem (if that title didn’t already tell you), opening with a speedy wall of roaring guitars and explosive drumming. They eventually slow it down to a scuzzy dirge, complete with the fist-in-air chants “you make me want to throw up.” It’s pleasantly loathsome, being the finishing touch to a track you won’t soon forget. “Minimalist VD” unwinds abruptly with slinky bass lines and shoddy guitar crunches. They make for a rubbery and elastic hook, ending with one absolutely shocking guitar solo. This results in their exceptionally unsettling sound, being just one way they go about delivering these sloppy, psyched-out atrocities. Listen below right now, then go snag the color vinyl from the Southpaw Records store – it’s limited to 100, so act now or forever hold your peace!

I Hate Sports, I Hate Kids, I Hate You –

Watch Me Swing –

Minimalist VD –

Top Floor –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Post-Punk, Psychedelic
In the Hole and Out of the Water LP: Tracklist:
1.) Shake a Tail Feather
2.) I’d Rather Be a Time Machine
3.) Slop Hole
4.) Electronic Girls
5.) Hooves At My Door
6.) Episode Seven
7.) I Hate Sports, I Hate Kids, I Hate You
8.) Watch Me Swing
9.) Atari Teenage Diet
10.) Framed Restaurant Receipts
11.) My Rhythms Are Divine
12.) Minimalist VD
13.) Wall to Wall
14.) Top Floor
15.) Elephino

BUY the LP directly from Southpaw Records – color vinyl still available !
The Jons – Official Website
Watch this mini-documentary about the album here on Youtube

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