Fuck Mountain – The Mountain Strikes Back EP

fuck mountain the mountain strikes back ep 2013

FUCK MOUNTAIN is a three piece band from Dublin, Ireland. They just dropped their new cassette EP The Mountain Strikes Back, serving up a healthy dose of fuzz-fucked punk rock.

With lethal sounds like these it’s not a surprise they’re listing bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Jawbreaker as influences. Their new EP will go a long way to prove that, singeing the hair clean off our bodies with over 20 minutes of this ravaging and crusty punk rock. “Snow Day” opens the tape with its head-splitting guitars, shoving a pummeling rhythm of bruising drums and pulsating bass lines right down our throats. As it plays out we encounter melodic guitar licks that shine through the nasty scuzz, eventually beating our faces in with a pounding finale. They continue their vicious attack in “Negative End,” catapulting us into a deliberately sloppy stomp without a second guess. In the midst we’re hit hard by a wave of grungy guitars, leaving behind bits of short, melodic guitar shocks in the process.

The two minute trampling in “We Made You” again goes to show off their relentless brand of punk rock, barging on through with anthemic chanting and fiery guitar shards. They maintain their wild pace for the entire cassette, closing things out with the five minute hellstorm “The Great Highway.” The finale wraps things up with its perpetually fried complexion, berating us with squealing guitars for a destructive finish. Now get your own dose of this fuzzy filth right below!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Grunge, Noise Rock
The Mountain Strikes Back EP: Tracklist:
1.) Snow Day
2.) Negative End
3.) Parisienne Skyways
4.) No Shame
5.) We Made You
6.) The Great Highway

‘Name Yr Price’ for the EP on the Fuck Mountain Bandcamp
BUY the cassette directly from the band
Fuck Mountain on Facebook
Fuck Mountain on Tumblr

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