Owen Temple Quartet – Rot in the Sun

owen temple quartet rot in the sun lp 2013 casbah records

Casbah Records is a label based in Valence, France. They recently dropped the LP Rot in the Sun from rowdy French punks OWEN TEMPLE QUARTET, resulting in a wild record that is strangely cohesive.

It’s taken me an awfully long time to get around to sharing this album, but it’s something I felt was necessary to post for months. It’s the kind of thing that will be quickly overlooked if you’re not paying attention, and that’s nearly what happened here. As Rot in the Sun unfolds early on, it’s hard not to think of punk in the vein of Cult of Youth – think harsh and direct, but sparse with plenty of pent-up energy that’s unleashed in intelligently belligerent ways. In the end it’s something I want to call medieval punk rock.

Things get started with “Saeta,” a clanky march with the sound of chains rattling through the air. Trumpets howl in the background as if a drawbridge is being lowered, leading us into the entrance of a large castle over a tar-filled moat. This becomes the entry point for “I Drink,” which suddenly masks the chain sounds with a beam of shredded guitars. Together in unison they lead the way, stomping through a minefield comprised of raspy vocal chants and pounding percussion. The song changes momentum a few times, so keep your head on straight as they plow on through.

“Perfect Life” opens with slinky bass lines over wigged-out guitar twangs, making up this wonky track with fist-in-air chanting and melodic guitar hooks. Throbbing bass lines call the shots, making way for explosive guitars on top. “My Wild Spanish Love” opens with a squeal, followed by a pulsing, industrialized beat and metallic guitar crunches. Raphael Besson howls in his brooding tone like he’s frantically singing from inside a tiny cavern, only intensifying the concentrated nature of this twisted track. “I’m In a Trance” will have you suffering from some serious whiplash, while “Sweet Night” closes this record in a staggering, downward spiral. The bass line spins like a haunted merry-go-round, leaving plenty of room for shambolic guitar dissonance and strung out pianos. Now just be sure you listen to this filth below – you’ll be very glad you did.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Alternative, Punk
Rot in the Sun LP: Tracklist:
1.) Saeta
2.) I Drink
3.) The Remains
4.) Perfect Life
5.) Men With Coats Thrashing
6.) My Wild Spanish Love
7.) I’m in a Trance
8.) New Class Full of Anger
9.) Sweet Night

BUY the LP directly from Casbah Records !
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