The Retinas – HaHa Nostalgia EP

retinas haha nostalgia ep 2013

Philadelphia’s hometown heroes THE RETINAS just self-released their newest EP HaHa Nostalgia. It’s the follow up to their previous EP Life at Work from 2012.

Clocking in at nearly 14 minutes through five tracks, the Retinas are back with their rollicking brand of punk rock. HaHa Nostalgia opens with a blast in “Channel Surfing,” boasting melodic guitar hooks, blown-out vocals and crashing percussion. Their formula hits the ears hard as it comes through blazing in the red, with this opening track being all the proof you need. They slow it down for the mid-tempo anthem “That’s How it Works,” breaking things open with head-splitting guitar slang and raspy vocals. The noise-factor increases as the track unfolds, assaulting our ears with the constant metallic textures. “Teenager Dance of Death” quickly catapults us into a jangly pummel, strengthened by springy bass throbs and squealing, frantic vocals. The ensuing drum-roll attack is enough to knock you on your ass – just imagine it live while you’re listening below.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Garage Rock
HaHa Nostalgia EP: Tracklist:
1.) Channel Surfing
2.) That’s How It Works
3.) King of the World
4.) Teenager Dance of Death
5.) Checked Out

‘Name Yr Price’ for the EP on Bandcamp !
The Retinas on Facebook

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