Empty Palace – s/t 7″ EP

empty palace st 7 ep 2013 snappy little numbers

The Snappy Little Numbers label in Denver, Colorado is coming back in a wave. This is their recent 7″ EP from Los Angeles-based band EMPTY PALACE, and they’ve got more singles on the way.

This looks like the band’s debut release of any sort, coming on with strong and soulful rock and roll qualities fit for the grand scale. At the base of these tracks the band employs classic metal song structure, coming through easily enough in opener “What Do We Tell the Family.” The four minute ordeal starts small, opening with squealing guitar hooks and bold, breathy vocals combined for powerful verses. It all grows right before our eyes, morphing into an explosive, stadium-ready affair right after a glowing, haze-colored bridge. Suddenly we’re lost in a sea of spiny and ravaging guitar licks, sending us through a fiery onslaught as we fight to hold our ground. Give it a listen right below, then you can head on over to Snappy Little Numbers and snag this gem.

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Metal
s/t 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) What Do We Tell the Family
2.) Human Trampoline
3.) I Liked the Old You

BUY the 7″ directly from Snappy Little Numbers – limited to 300 !
Empty Palace on Facebook

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