Ketamines – All the Colors of Your Heart 7″

ketamines all the colors of your heart 7 pleasence records 2013

Since we last heard from KETAMINES some things have changed. They’re now a Toronto-based band (previously they were based in Calgary). Also they’re currently in the process of dropping their sophomore LP You Can’t Serve Two Masters, coming this July on Southpaw/Mammoth Cave Records (again).

Before we get to their new album the band has made plans to release four new 7″ singles over a span of eight months. All the Colors of Your Heart is the first of four on Pleasence Records, followed by another new single every two months from Canadian labels Leaning Trees, Hosehead Records and Mammoth Cave. Together all four 7″ artworks combine to reveal a mind-bending collage by Montreal-based artist Felix Morel. Diving even further into the Ketamine’s world, bassist/vocalist Paul K. Lawton started a Tumblr blog called Slagging Off while the Ketamines were moving. With a subheading “Death to the Canadian Music Industry”, Lawton managed to piss off and alienate the entire country of Canada in six short months (more details here).

All the Colors of Your Heart is the first new material we’re hearing from the Ketamines since their debut LP and they haven’t lost their touch. The self-titled track comes driven by a jazz-leaning guitar and a steady cowbell rhythm, coming with their own peculiar chime. They work to cut through the grainy, colorful haze that saturates the air, backed by raspy background vocals and springy bass lines. Flip the 7″ over for B-side “Turning You On”, a fun reminder of the Ketamines playful yet ominous vibes. The song opens with a chanted, monotonous vocal hook (listen closely), followed by clicking percussion, wonky bass lines and tightly-wound guitar squeals. It all acts as proof to their bubblegum pop approach, following through with a track that’s as mesmerizing as it is memorable – there’s no shaking these hooks. So as you could probably guess, this all has us ready for their upcoming LP. Just sit tight until July, it’s not that long!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock
All the Colors of Your Heart 7″: Tracklist:
1.) All the Colors of Your Heart
2.) Turning You On

BUY the 7″ directly from Pleasence Records – limited to 300 !
Ketamines – Official Website

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