Thee Commons – Sunburn at Midnight 7″ EP

thee commons sunburn at midnight ep 2013

Hailing from east Los Angeles, THEE COMMONS come bearing a new self-released 7″ EP titled Sunburn at Midnight. It’s home to four tracks of their spirited rock and roll, coming on green vinyl limited to just 500 pieces.

The feel-good vibes don’t take long to wash over you in these parts. The EP starts out on a strong foot with “Rabbits and Rattles”, quickly forcing your foot to tap along as you gravitate out of your seat. Catchy lyrics and swinging garage guitars roar in unison as they move your body to the upbeat and bluesy crunch, hereby wrapping up a memorable opening track. “Dr’s Visit” changes the flow with it’s own country-tinged tone, led by David Pacheco’s witty hooks and Tim Swift’s honky-tonk bass lines that dip deep below the mix. Pacheco then finishes the track with some blissful be-bop scatting to sum it all up. The EP closes with the instrumental self-titled track “Sunburn at Midnight”, coming along with a nearly surfy edge from bright, compressed guitars to complement the creeping rhythm. In the end Thee Commons have managed to fuse a few different sounds into their EP, so give it a spin right below.

Genre/Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Rock & Roll
Sunburn at Midnight 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Rabbits & Rattles
2.) At the Table
3.) Dr’s Visit
4.) Sunburn at Midnight

BUY the 7″ directly from the band on Bandcamp – limited to 500 !
Thee Commons on Facebook
Thee Commons on Tumblr

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