The Unwed Teenage Mothers – Forever Until You Are Bones 7″ EP

unwed teenage mothers forever until you are bones 7 hiss lab 2013

Compared to what we heard on their previous 7″ on Speakertree Records, THE UNWED TEENAGE MOTHERS have added a little extra crunch back to their already relentless pop approach.

These guys haven’t missed a beat, continuing from where they left us last with this brand new 7″ on Hiss Lab. However, the difference this time is the amount of lo-fi fuzz crowding these tracks – you could say they’re going back to their beginnings after a much cleaner 7″ on Speakertree.

The EP opens with a blast in self-titled track “Forever Until You Are Bones”, starting with a punchy beat and lead singer Colin Sneed’s (drummer of Bass Drum of Death) bold, soaring wail. Throbbing bass and hook-heavy guitars lead us through the shredded, careening garage-pop, revealing an infectious chorus with a simply melodic guitar hook and cooing background vocals. These bright, shimmering guitars shine through the scuzzy complexion, acting as the perfect contradiction to the static fuzz they’re buried under. “Blood” comes next with its warming acoustic guitars trapped deep under the filth, barging on through with caffeinated licks and a driving beat. We’re led straight into a dazzling bridge, decorated with glossy synths, bubbly hand-claps and screeching guitars.

Flipping over to the B-side, the 7″ is all sealed up with the punk-inflected hooks of “Are You Tired of Waking Up Alone?”. They blow the doors clean off the hinges once again, summing up the track with mutilated guitar soloing. In the end this is probably the Teen Mommy’s most solid release yet – something we’ve said about every one of their releases since the beginning. Take. The. Hint.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi
Forever Until You Are Bones 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Forever Until You Are Bones
2.) Blood
3.) Wish You Were Older
4.) Are You Tired of Waking Up Alone?

BUY the 7″ directly from Hiss Lab
The Unwed Teenage Mothers on Tumblr
The Unwed Teenage Mothers on Bandcamp

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