Los Dos Hermanos – Bourbon, Blood & Seafoods

los dos hermanos bourbon blood and seafoods lp 2013 howlin banana records

Bordeaux, France is home to the noisy surf duo LOS DOS HERMANOS. The Wine City natives just released their debut LP Bourbon, Blood & Seafoods on French label Howlin’ Banana Records.

The intensity levels on this album are through the roof – there’s only one way to listen and it should be as LOUD as you can possibly handle. Everything you hear sounds sharply concentrated, resulting in an absolutely blown-out and obnoxious record. They stop at nothing with their noise-crusted approach, assaulting our ears with a mangled sound that’s equal parts punk, surf and noise – but mostly surf. They barge through these 12 tracks as ungracefully as possible, coming characterized by shrieking boy-girl vocals, drastically magnified guitars and a wild sense of urgency that will drive you bonkers.

“Robespierre” sets the tone and opens the LP with a bang. We’re greeted by gritty waves of electrified guitar jangles over tightly wound surf chords, fortified by crashing percussion and sleazy, echoed vocals. It all comes crowded by an increasingly heavy surge of fuzz which eventually becomes a familiar pattern in these songs. “Blue Night in Summer” unfolds with a wobbly guitar glimmer, giving off a breezy, warming haze that eventually drowns in some grainy guitar fuzz. Listen below!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Surf Rock, Garage Rock, Noise Rock
Bourbon, Blood & Seafoods LP: Tracklist:
1.) Robespierre
2.) Don’t Talk to Me
3.) Everywhere Is the Back of My Door
4.) Set Up
5.) Blue Night in Summer
6.) Loud
7.) N° 13
8.) Louis XVI
9.) Faye Dunaway
10.) The Buster
11.) Waste Your Time
12.) Lies

BUY the LP directly from Howlin’ Banana Records !
Los Dos Hermanos on Facebook

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