The Nervous Ticks – Death to Videodrome CS

nervous ticks death to videodrome cs ep 2013 welcome in the shit records

Welcome in the Shit Records is a new tape label based out of Teramo, Italy. Their first set of releases includes this cassette Death to Videodrome from Richmond, VA garage-freakouts THE NERVOUS TICKS.

If you can recall the Nervous Ticks 7″ from Goodbye Boozy back in 2012, then you’re on the right track. The Nervous Ticks continue with their nasty, garage-punk stompers on their latest release, harassing our ears for a solid eight minutes through four trashy, blown-out ragers. Each track is as crude and stripped down as it could possibly be, characterized by raw, bloody shrieking and fuzzy, noise-crusted guitars that sound both stressed and twangy. “Hot Water” just may be their most refined song yet, slowing everything down for once while sending us through a wave of shredded guitars and gritty tambourine jangles. “Come Clean” sees them revert back to their messy, blues-driven stomps, centered around jagged and caffeinated guitars that will cut you to ribbons.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Noise Rock, Lo-Fi, Punk
Death to Videodrome CS: Tracklist:
1.) Videodrome
2.) Count Grishnackh
3.) Hot Water
4.) Come Clean

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One thought on “The Nervous Ticks – Death to Videodrome CS

  1. The US version of this release is going to be a 7″ on Killer Diller records. It’s just been delayed a bunch by record plant sheizekopfs.

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