Inutili – Satori 12″ EP

inutili satori ep 2013 goodbye boozy bat shit records

If it comes from Goodbye Boozy it’s always going to be loud, crude and obnoxious. That’s exactly what we’re getting on this new INUTILI EP, an up and coming band that hails from Italy.

This is the first time Goodbye Boozy has released a 12″ record and it’s a co-release with California-based label Bat Shit Records. As expected with any GB release, it comes limited to just 200 copies with two different cover arts. Later this year Bat Shit will follow up this smoking EP with the debut full-length from these filth-crusted scuzz punks, so now is the time to jump on board.

The EP starts with a cringe-worthy beginning in “Satori”, plaguing our ears with a searing, 15-minute pillaging. You will quickly encounter a destructive rhythm section, driven by a grungy, hypnotizing bass line and endlessly pounding drum thuds to set a grainy, angered tone. It makes for an explosive, ravaging mess of crashing percussion, leaving behind copious amounts of gritty and toxic radiation that’s responsible for heavy brain damage and burnt skin. Snarling guitar shards lead the way for a majority of the 15 minutes, sending us through a barrage of warbled, dagger-like shredding that does not go down easily. The track beings to change gears a bit past the five minute mark, hereby setting us up for a tense and raging journey through careening, noise-fucked space rock. It all changes completely with B-side “Useless Asshole” where they suddenly sound like a whole new band. Blissful acoustic guitars flow along carefully with a drippy, strung-out haze and a warming, folksy tone. Like “Satori” it’s completely instrumental, but this time results in a much cleaner and refined sound to close the EP.

With two conflicting tracks like these it leaves you with plenty of unanswered questions regarding their upcoming full-length. Now go ahead and grab the 12″ while you still can – there’s only 200!

Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Post-Punk, Psychedelic, Grunge
Satori 12″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Satori
2.) Useless Asshole

BUY the 12″ directly from Bat Shit Records
Inutili on Blogspot

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