Uh Bones – Only You 7″ EP

uh bones only you 7 ep randy records 2013

Chicago soul-rockers UH BONES just dropped their debut 7″ EP Only You on Randy Records. Coming with heavy 60s influences, this is about as solid as a debut you could hope for.

Their new 7″ comes hot off the heels of their first self-titled cassette EP from 2012 which has since sold out. But thanks to Randy Records, there’s plenty more of their infectious garage rock to go around, and infect it shall! Only You supplies us with four tracks overall, two of which were first available on the self-titled cassette we just mentioned. As Randy would say himself, they are all awesome.

With the initial spin of this 7″, it’s was immediately clear that there was no going back to the way things were before Uh Bones – once the infection starts you can’t shake it off. “Only You” unfolds with a warming, twangy crunch, fortified by deep bass throbs and tight, jangly percussion. It comes along with just the right amount of static fuzz, complemented by a hazy blanket of lyseric organs that adds a great deal of trippy, strobing color to each track. You can hear it perfectly in “He’s Got It” with it’s dazed and wobbly swagger. The track is centered around Luke Trimble’s, clear, full-throated crooning as he wails with authority to lead us through the moody anthem. “Bait” eventually wraps up the EP, saturated by wonky bass lines and kaleidoscopic synths that makes for a constant, colorful swirl that floats right above your head. Invigorating guitar soloing comes in to steal the show about halfway through with a wrinkled complexion, making for a groovy final statement that will force you up and out of your seat.

In the end we can only hope there’s going to be more new material from Uh Bones in the immediate future. Here’s to hoping we find out sooner than later. Listen to these tracks below and let the infection begin.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop
Only You 7″ EP:
1.) Only You
2.) He’s Got It
3.) A Mess
4.) Bait

BUY the 7″ directly from Randy Records
OR if you’re from Philadelphia go pick up the 7″ at Repo Records !
Uh Bones on Blogger

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