Tinmouth – One More Revelation EP

tinmouth one more revelation ep 2013

TINMOUTH hail from Philadelphia and they just self-released a brand new, five track EP titled One More Revelation. It comes nearly a year after their sophomore album Decanso.

If you’re like me and from Philadelphia, you’ve probably missed out on plenty of chances to catch Tinmouth live around town. They just played their EP release show on May 4th at the Trocadero with Philly-locals Acres of Diamonds and Bueno and the Goods.

As for their new EP, the band blends shimmering guitars along with Timothy TeBordo’s vocals for a clean and pure sound. He’s at his best in “Too Beautiful to Die”, leading the track in his Neil Young-esque tone with light and breathy qualities over tribal percussion. He stands out like a sore thumb against bright, jangly guitars in “Withered on the Vine”, making for a tidy sound that flows carefully and freely in a wave of cool guitars. “One Chance to Guess” has a tendency to go from light and delicate to unexpectedly heavy in seconds, stemming from long, drawn-out guitar hooks to create a heated swirl within. It all builds up for a slowly staggering guitar bridge toward the end of the track. This makes way for the immediate pop notions of “Miserable Little Cannon”, opening with fat, springy bass lines and shuffling percussion for the EP’s most uplifting track yet. Hear these friendly yet brooding tracks right below.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Alternative, Ethereal
One More Revelation EP: Tracklist:
1.) Withered on the Vine
2.) Too Beautiful to Die
3.) One Chance to Guess
4.) Miserable Little Cannon
5.) Me & ‘piph

‘Name Yr Price’ for the EP on the Tinmouth Bandcamp
Tinmouth on Facebook
Tinmouth on Tumblr

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