Katla – I Will Hunt You 7″

KATLA I will hunt you 7 who can you trust 2013

Who Can You Trust? Records in Germany has done an excellent job at sticking to a sound. Their new 7″ from Swedish psych band KATLA is another perfect fit in their growing catalog, giving the band their debut release.

The album art you’re seeing here says a lot about what you’re going to encounter on this 7″. Brooding psych rock paints a dark and murky landscape, with colorful guitar splashes shining through that stand out like a sore thumb against the stormy, swirling backdrop. Lisa’s bold, full-throated vocals carve a path through the thick smoke, making way for hazy guitar squeals and primal, tom-heavy drumming that seeks to haunt. It’s a heated sound that’s constantly on edge, sounding like a major meltdown could be imminent with the lethal combination of ripping guitars and psychedelic bewilderment. B-side “Foaming Waters” has a more upbeat feel right from the start, setting us up with bright guitar blasts underneath the swift, steady rhythm. It all grows into an angered, engulfing wall of invigorating intensity, revealing a folksy violin (?) solo that assists the electrifying guitars for an explosive and triumphant finale.

Before this we can’t say we knew anything abot Katla, but now we’re paying full attention. Find out why by listening to these two tracks below, then go ahead and snag the 7″ from Who Can You Trust? Records.

Foaming Waters –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Space Rock, Ethereal
I Will Hunt You 7″: Tracklist:
1.) I Will Hunt You
2.) Foaming Waters

BUY the 7″ directly from WCYT? Records in the spring !
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