Autumns – Keep On Sinking CS

autumns keep on sinking cs 2013

AUTUMNS is the moniker for 19 year old Christian Donaghey from Derry, Ireland. Everything you hear on his debut cassette, Keep On Sinking, was recorded entirely by Donaghey in his bedroom.

On his first release, Donaghey blends a lethally noisy mixture of lo-fi fuzz with harsh, headache-inducing guitars for a nasty, clangorous sound that falls somewhere between noise rock and post-punk. Punchy drum thuds, reverb-heavy vocals and scratchy guitars make up “Keep On Sinking”, quickly setting the tone of the tape with a cringe-worthy complexion that will leave a mark. The noisy racket continues in “Who Would Have Thought”, wielding a more sharp and sinister post-punk sound with frantic guitar jangles masked by a murky haze. In the end the cassette barely lasts 6 minutes, but it also suggests that there’s could be plenty more from Donaghey as he finds his stride. Listen to the cassette below and see how you feel.

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Lo-Fi
Keep On Sinking CS: Tracklist:
1.) Keep On Sinking
2.) Who Would Have Thought

BUY the cassette directly from Soft Power Records – limited to 100 !
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