PREMIER: Hoax Hunters – “Orbit”

hoax hunters snowy owls split rsd 7 cherub records 2013

HOAX HUNTERS of Richmond, VA are dropping a brand new split 7″ with the Snowy Owls on Record Store Day. Courtesy of Cherub Records, you can find the 7″ in some local record stores around Richmond on April 20th!

After releasing an EP on Cherub in September, the Hoax Hunters are back with a song called “Orbit” for Record Store Day. The label is releasing the song on an extremely limited lathe cut 7″ and there’s only 40 copies to go around. The cuts are square shaped and “bronze smoke” colored, and each copy was hand made one at a time. The record will be available exclusively at Steady Sounds in Richmond, while remaining copies will be distributed to other regional record stores after April 20th.

As for “Orbit”, the track features a menacing fuzz guitar with a punky, caffeinated punch, bursting at the seams with throbbing bass lines and blown-out vocals for a tight and explosive two minutes. It’s a bit more unhinged compared to the Snowy Owls side of the 7″, who play with some extra atmosphere for a dreamier (but still fuzzy) sound. Needless to say, both tracks offer plenty of insight to the Richmond music scene despite their obvious differences. Hear for yourself in “Orbit” right below, then sit tight for Record Store Day this Saturday!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative
Split RSD 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Hoax Hunters – Orbit
2.) The Snowy Owls – Kerfluffle

BUY the 7″ on Record Store Day from Steady Sounds in Richmond, VA – limited to 40 lathe cuts !

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