The Raw Nerves – Sunburn EP

raw nerves 112 records sunburn ep 2013

New Zealand soul-rockers THE RAW NERVES are back again with their new Sunburn EP from 1:12 Records. Hailing from Auckland City, the four piece band picks up right where they left off on their debut s/t LP from 2012.

This new eight minute EP features five new tracks of their fun-loving, garage rock simplicity, led by an always energetic and soulful Rory Treadaway who wails through these tracks with his equally bold and snotty croon. “Not Gonna Try” is the undisputed highlight on their new EP, coming characterized by a marching rhythm, call and response vocals and buzzy, concentrated guitar squalls that make for a teasing, metallic haze. It’s the absolute perfect anthem for any of the slackers in your life, and it could easily be the bands best individual track to date. Aside from that, the EP features other snotnose tracks like “Fuck Brooklyn” or “Popularity”, both acting as tributes to shredded and reckless punk rock, which just goes to show that these guys have no trouble switching up their sensible (and seemingly effortless) approach from track to track. Others like “That Rapper Stole His Girlfriend” brings in the poppy, doo-wop inflected vibes we also heard on their debut, so if you’re looking for a consistent sound, then look no further.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Punk
Sunburn EP: Tracklist:
1.) Scared of Serious Drugs
2.) Fuck Brooklyn
3.) Not Gonna Try
4.) That Rapper Stole His Girlfriend
5.) Popularity

‘Name Yr Price’ for the EP on the Raw Nerves Bandcamp
The Raw Nerves on Facebook

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