Friday’s Find: Catholic Spray – Earth Slime

catholic spray earth slime lp 2013 born bad records

This weeks Friday’s Find comes to us from Born Bad Records in Romainville, France. It’s the sophomore LP from the Paris-based CATHOLIC SPRAY, appropriately titled Earth Slime, given its grungy, scuzzed-up foulness.

In case you forgot, our Friday posts will now coincide with Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find on eMusic’s 17 Dots Blog. Head on over to 17 Dots right now to read more and listen to today’s post on Catholic Spray: Friday’s Find #6

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock
Earth Slime LP: Tracklist:
1.) Hustling in Barbes
2.) Masterchief of the Foxes
3.) Plane Crash
4.) # Black Cat
5.) Krokodile Dandies
6.) UPN 160
7.) Youth Can Suck My Dick
8.) Bet that Song Sounds Cool on TV
9.) Drift with Satan
10.) I Stand Still
11.) Roam No Sea
12.) Silver Castle Pope

BUY the LP directly from Born Bad Records – we all want that album art in our collection
Catholic Spray on Facebook

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