fairweatherfriend – You and I 7″

fairweatherfriend you and i 7 fort lowell records 2013

Here’s a 7″ from Fort Lowell Records in Tucson, Arizona. It’s a brand new single from FAIRWEATHERFRIEND (who are also from Tucson), who take on a dreamy sound drenched in frothy haze.

Fairweatherfriend deliver a timeless sound on their new 7″, which sets them up with a strong debut. Glinting guitars bleed with a colorful glow, shining through a smoke-screened atmosphere that’s as thick as it is curious. This makes for a lush and rich mixture of sounds, fronted by crooning vocals and plenty of crystal-clear guitar jangles to keep you attentive. “You and I” rides the warming breeze of hazy guitars paired with the constant shimmer of effects, leaving behind a vapor trail of subtle yet palpable energy that can be particularly haunting. Take the final minute of “Fairweather Friend” as proof, which closes out the 7″ with a spooky guitar hook. Now you can hear A-side track “You and I” right below. Also don’t forget to snag a 7″ – there’s only 500.

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Pop, Ethereal
You and I 7″: Tracklist:
1.) You and I
2.) Fairweather Friend

BUY the 7″ directly from Fort Lowell Records – limited to 500 on red vinyl !
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2 thoughts on “fairweatherfriend – You and I 7″

  1. this stuff is everywhere these days and its not the hardest thing to do but honestly 90% of it sounds AMAZING and beautiful so i’m not exactly complaining. reminds me a lot of echo and the bunnymen more than any shoegazing band. good shit might have to cop.

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