Top Surprise – Klouds EP

top surprise klouds EP 2013 pug records

Here’s a band we haven’t heard from in a few years now. TOP SURPRISE finally follow up their debut cassette Everything Must Go with their brand new cassette EP Klouds on Pug Records in Brazil.

If you can remember back to their first EP, these guys really haven’t changed much since we last heard, and we’re pretty happy about that. They still retain the same gritty, noisy, blown-out pop, driven by headache-inducing lo-fi crunch and buzzy boy-girl vocals. “Ready for the Haze” combines all these lethal elements into a hard-hitting, punk-inflected stomper, unleashing palpable amounts of ecstatic energy and an ambitious approach – you can see it all come to life in the smokey video below. Aside from that, “Klein Blues” sounds like nothing we’ve heard from Top Surprise until now, being much less challenging with a tom-heavy beat and cooing vocals. But this wouldn’t be the same Top Surprise if they didn’t mix in some menacing and metallic guitar shards to have us cringing toward the end of the song.

So far this Brazilian band only has a small handful of releases to their name, but it’s been the same quality material from the get-go. If you haven’t been, it’s time to start paying attention to these guys.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Lo-Fi, Noise Rock, Punk
Klouds EP: Tracklist:
1.) K-Complex
2.) Ready for the Haze
3.) Klein Blues

BUY the EP directly from Pug Records !
DOWNLOAD the EP for free courtesy of Pug Records !
Top Surprise on Facebook

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