Prince Moondog – Green Walls

prince moondog green walls 2012 single

PRINCE MOONDOG of Bloomington, IN sent us over their new digital single called Green Walls. It was released in October 2012 and it leads to their very first full-length album, which we can expect sometime this year.

The bands from Bloomington have been churning out the goods, wouldn’t you say? This new digital single from Prince Moondog is no exception, and it also instills a bit of anticipation for their upcoming full length. For their debut release the band takes on a promising sound, fronted by crunchy guitars and reverb-heavy vocals buried by a tinny, metallic complexion. “Green Walls” leaves its mark by breaking everything down in a rollicking guitar explosion and it’s exactly the kind of frenzied climax you’d want from such a track. Following that, “Telephone Song” is driven by spiny guitar hooks that make for an increasingly melodic sound along with the jangle of the tambourine. The track splits off with more mangled and electrified soloing, quickly suggesting that not only do these guys have sensible decision-making skills, but there’s definitely some notable guitar work scattered in there too.

With a single like this, it’s clear that these guys are just getting started. We’ll have to wait and see what else is up their sleeves. Listen to these tracks below via Bandcamp and hear for yourself!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop
Green Walls: Tracklist:
1.) Green Walls
2.) Telephone Song

‘Name Yr Price’ for the digital single on the Prince Moondog Bandcamp
Prince Moondog on Facebook

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