Last Year’s Men – Clawless Paw 7″

last year's men clawless paw 7 sophomore lounge records 2013

Clawless Paw is the first release from Chapel Hill’s LAST YEAR’S MEN since their debut LP on Churchkey Records. It comes in a limited edition of 300 from Sophomore Lounge Records in Louisville, KY.

This 7″ will eventually lead to their second full-length LP later this year which will be produced by Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound/Oblivians), but we’ll have more details on that as the release date nears. For now “Clawless Paw” and “What Can I Get” will hopefully be enough to hold us over, but at this rate we’re already looking to hear more of this rugged rock sooner than later. With the snarling intensity that opens up a track like “Clawless Paw”, there’s bound to be more ass-kickers like these in the near future. The crunchy guitar assault comes on like a wall of heat, paving the way for twangy, strung-out verses, mangled guitar fuzz and Ben Carr’s raspy croon, but you’d probably never guess any of that given the tracks lazy, discordant intro. B-side “What I Can Get” brings in a cleaner sound with a more pop-centered approach, completely changing momentum in the final minute for an unexpectedly destructive finish to blow the song open at the seams.

So now as the anticipation builds for their upcoming LP, we’ll just have to try and wait patiently. Listen to the 7″ right below, right now!

Clawless Paw –

What I Can Get –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Alt-Country, Garage Rock
Clawless Paw 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Clawless Paw
2.) What I Can Get

BUY the 7″ directly from Sophomore Lounge Records – limited to 300 !
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