Friday’s Find: Bad Indians – Are On the Other Side

bad indians are on the other side lp cq records 2013

BAD INDIANS of Ypsilanti, MI are back with their new LP, a completely lysergic affair titled Are On the Other Side from CQ Records in Austin, TX. The band dropped their first 7″ and now almost a year later we’re finally hearing some new material.

In case you forgot, our Friday posts will now coincide with Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find on emusic’s 17 Dots Blog. Head on over to 17 Dots right now to read more and listen to today’s post on Bad Indians: Friday’s Find #2

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Pop
Are On the Other Side LP: Tracklist:
1.) Bad Girl
2.) The Path Home
3.) Trisha Said
4.) Try to Get By
5.) She is Gone
6.) Scarlet Wrote to Say
7.) Love and a Shovel
8.) Ride On
9.) Darkside
10.) Hate
11.) Haunted House
12.) So Long Sam
13.) Babydoll

BUY the LP directly from CQ Records – limited to 100 red copies !
Bad Indians on Facebook

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