The Young Sinclairs – New Day 7″

young sinclairs new day 7 twister records croque macadam 2013

Luckily for us there’s still a new 7″ from THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS we haven’t covered yet. It’s the same deal as their first – a split 7″ release from French labels Croque Macadam and Requiem Pour un Twister.

It’s easy enough to say that both of the Young Sinclairs recent singles lean toward the pop side of the fence, but each still has its own unique flare to separate them from each other. “New Day” and “Turned Around” both come with a folksy twang, but it’s not nearly as prominent as it was the first time around. With that being said, indie pop might be the most fitting descriptor for these sounds. “New Day” boasts warming guitars and delicate vocals, creating a glimmering sound that sparkles and thrives in the sun. B-side track “Turned Around” keeps a similar vibe flowing, filled out with clean guitar hooks and crooning vocals for a timely reminder that spring time is just around the corner. If these two tracks below catch your ear, then you’re not going to want to miss the other recent 7″ we covered from the Young Sinclairs, so go give’em both a listen!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Folk, Indie
New Day 7″: Tracklist:
1.) New Day
2.) Turned Around

BUY the 7″ directly from the Young Sinclair’s Bandcamp – limited to 300 !
The Young Sinclairs on Facebook
The Young Sinclairs on Bandcamp

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4 thoughts on “The Young Sinclairs – New Day 7″

  1. what is the address of Styrofoam Drone, should one wish to send a 7″ for review?


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