Friday’s Find: Trop Tard – Photodrame

trop tard photodrame lp 2012 sacred bones

In 1987 French band TROP TARD dropped their debut release in the form of a cassette tape titled Photodrame. Nearly thirty years later Sacred Bones Records in Brooklyn, NY represses their cassette for the first time on full-length vinyl.

As opposed to the norm, you may have noticed the “Friday’s Find” up in the title of this post. That’s because I’ve recently begun writing for, and every Friday the Styrofoam Drone and emusic will join forces to bring you, as we’ve titled it, Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find. I’ve been asked to pick out an album a week to write about and be featured on emusic’s 17 Dots blog, which they will in turn post up and link back to us here every Friday. So aside from our Friday posts being published on emusic, things are going to operate around here as they always did. Follow the link below to read more and listen!

Friday’s Find #1: SD’s Friday Find: Trop Tard – Photodrame

Genre/ Tags: Minimal, Coldwave, Pop
Photodrame LP: Tracklist:
1.) Why Not?
2.) Les Anges D’aujourd’hui
3.) La Mort Est Humaine
4.) Johnny Is a Loser
5.) Jeux Interdits
6.) Jad Wagen
7.) Introduction A Fuite Mentale
8.) Je T’Attends
9.) Le Chant Des Martyrs
10.) Fuite Mentale
11.) Enfermedad Del Alma
12.) Ma Folie Se Dessiner

BUY the LP directly from Insound – use code ‘feb15storewide‘ for 15% off your entire order – LP limited to 700 !
Trop Tard on Discogs

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