Fantasmas – Static 7″

fantasmas static 7 low life inc 2013

Here’s some harsh stuff courtesy of the newly launched Low Life Inc. record label in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. It’s a new 7″ titled Static from abrasive Brooklyn noise-punks FANTASMAS.

Both tracks on their 7″ feature a similarly fuzzy, blown-out aesthetic that makes for a maddening mess of jarring guitar shrills drowned in a wave of nervous energy. Things quickly fall into place in opener “Static”, which is driven by accessible song structure despite its nasty metallic dissonance. The same goes for the foreboding B-side “No Soul”, coming characterized by deep, pulsing bass lines and frantic guitar shredding to create an overall sound that is as urgent as it is discordant. With that being said, it seems like a good bet we could hear more of this material before the end of the year, we’ll just have to wait and see. You can listen to “Static” and “No Soul” from the 7″ right below, then be sure to head over to Insound to grab a 7″!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Noise Rock, Pop
Static 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Static
2.) No Soul

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